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Posted: February 6, 2015

Moya is an Irish word which simply means “GREAT”. A hard core Zeitgeist of Indian art and craft, We thrive on the rich heritage of India.  Label Moya houses a range of products from lifestyle accessories to home furnishings and Apparel, all have a signature style of depicting regional art from different regions of India with an eclectic mix of pattern and material with a vintage touch to it.

We are a platform Where Skill meets Design and Art meets Fashion. An eclectic mix of Craft with a lot of PASSION!!!

We believe that “All our products are a work of art” which need to be treasured and it is only for a few, a few who understand art and take pride in wearing what they wear… understand the story behind it, and love to experience it… It aims at creating a sustainable platform that brings together the Creative and the Skilled, without complicating what is simple and never simplifying what is complicated.

We believe that design can find its expression in variable ways, with one supporting the other, Handcrafted, Recycled or Mechanised… A mix of both worlds…Sustainability is a must.

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