Orange Flower Awards & Festival 2021

The Orange Flower Awards which recognise the power of women’s voices, are a much-awaited annual award for digital creators in India.

Nominate yourself for the awards, if you are a blogger, writer, Instagrammer, YouTuber or digital artist who uses the digital medium in creative, powerful ways. Nominations close on 28th December 2020.

We’ll also be getting together (virtually!) on Jan 22nd, Friday, 2021 at the Orange Flower Festival 2021, an annual mega event where women come together to roar for Change – and have fun doing it!

While the festival celebrates all those who identify as women, everybody is welcome to attend.

The Orange Flower Awards & Festival are brought to you by Women’s Web, India’s leading digital platform that enables women to tell their own stories.

The Orange Flower Women’s Festival in Jan 2021 will be virtual (like everything this year!), but that’s not going to stop us from bring you inspirational speakers, engaging sessions & connections with your fellow audience members.

This festival will interest you if you are a digital content creator (blogger, Instagrammer, YouTuber, meme-maker, or digital artist of any kind), or simply support the growing power of women’s voices online.

If you have nominated yourself for the Orange Flower Awards 2021, you will automatically receive an invitation to this event. If not, please register.

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