Breaking Barriers: Agenda For Marketing Mantras

Be inspired by women who mean business.

Gain a preview into the future of marketing. Make sure your business is ahead of the curve. 

At this event, we will reflect on and answer questions such as:

  • How can my marketing strategies be impactful when the market and media are more crowded than ever?
  • What new marketing/consumer trends will impact on my business and how do I prepare for these?
  • How does my business adapt quickly to changing consumers, rather than being left behind competition?


Social Media: From Buzzword To Actionability

Social Media is the most authentic and cost-effective way for Brand Building. How to go beyond the latest buzzword to actionable social media?


Data, Data, Everywhere

Are we drowning in more data than we can use? How Individuals and SMEs can hook the right data from the huge data-pool.

Riding The Wave Of Content Marketing

Content Marketing seems to be on every brand’s agenda. But how does one really create content with high impact?

Customer acquisition in the Online World

While technology from email to remarketing helps us with online marketing, how do we make the right choices for customer acquisition?

You Are Your Brand

Not all marketing ideas work for all brands and people! How to market authentically in a way that works for you as well as your users.

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From Marketing To Business Growth

Creating marketing strategy and plans that stay aligned with the business goals while staying flexible.

Marketing pitch panel

Shortlisted participants present their marketing strategy/campaign and receive feedback from an expert panel as well as audience.


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