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Who Is Stopping You? Fear?

Almost everything we are associated with, be it situations or relationships, there is always insecurity or fear that if things will change, how badly your life will be impacted.

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Better Late Than Never

“Where are these children heading to?” grumbled Dadima. “No interest in our culture, our music, our food….. Add to all this, the parents of today also encourage their children to follow Western culture

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Positivity And Negativity – Two Sides Of Any Relationship

Remember relationships are based on respect, patient, trust and mutual understanding. These are imperative and universal across all relationships.

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The Lost Art Of Knitting!

I wonder even though I fancied the art of knitting why didn’t I ever learn knitting? Perhaps what I fancied more about the art of knitting was the emotions attached to it.

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How to React Under Pressure – A Lesson From The Real Hero

In your life whenever there’s social, emotional, physical, mental, national pressure; think the best you can do to save a bigger interest

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Should We Continue Saying ‘Bura Na Mano Holi Hai’?

Let’s take all measures to keep the fervour alive in our kids and not turn it into a nightmare. Have a safe and happy Holi.

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