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Refurbishing Relationships

Every relationship starts and then ages and the signs are almost clearly visible with time. Here's listing down some ways which according to me would work best to make relationships flourish.

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Parenting Yourself

Enjoy life with you kids by being good to yourself first. Nurture yourself, spend some time on yourself, have some passion and add value to your identity.

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When Owning Less Is More!! Being A Minimalist!

Strip away the excess you hold, find happiness in the life you live today with what you exactly need and not from "in case u need".

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Women’s Day In India – How Lame Can We Get?

Women should not fall prey to such false propaganda in the name of "Women's Day" and rather strive to the betterment of their sisters- the women today.

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No More Shots Please: A Sketchy Rendering Of Feminism In Four More Shots Please

Had the series centred on four ordinary women with imperfect bodies and middle-class contexts, it would not have titillated and might not have appeared crass and cringeworthy.

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What Holds You Back?

What holds one back? What holds you back? Have you ever asked this question to yourself? If not, then please do it right away.

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