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Alzheimer's day
Alzheimer’s Day: Break The Stigma That Surrounds Dementia!

21st September, World Alzheimer’s day 2019 theme: Focus on stigma and break the stereotypes that surround the diagnosis of dementia.

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No… We Should Not Give Dowry. Period

Forget about laws. Let's tap into our consciousness and stop the dowry system.

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One Step At A Time, One Girl At A Time Will Lead The World

Today the girls can look at other vocational training or jobs and never feel that their dreams cannot come true.

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‘Being Nosey’ ain’t Being Nice’!

With these average success rates, I have developed a sense of self-belief hoping to conquer most of life’s challenges.

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The Caste System: Will We Ever Bridge The Gap?

Even after more than 70 years of independence, we still have a divide between the upper-castes and lower-castes. Why is there still the divide and will we ever go beyond it?

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The Wabi Sabi Life Of Embracing Imperfections

From seeking beauty in peace to finding joy in flaws, we learn to accept the flawed beauty of life existing around us.

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