Aarthi Gunnupuri

Aarthi Gunnupuri is a freelance writer. Her work has appeared in CNN, VICE, Scroll.in, Femina, Vogue and Marie Claire. She has been a reporter at the United Nations in New York and has a degree in Communication & Development from the London School of Economics. Her book Start-up Your Fashion Label, a comprehensive guide for young aspiring fashion entrepreneurs in India is available on Amazon.

Voice of Aarthi Gunnupuri

Networking Is Essential For Women – Let’s Step Out Of Our Daily Roles A Bit, Shall We?

Work-home-work-home; if that is what your daily routine looks like, you need to read this - networking is essential for women!

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Freelance Work From Home Often Doesn’t Get Respect. It’s No Walk In The Park!

Freelance work from home often involves superb time management and a highly evolved sense of responsibility. Yet, its often not seen as 'work' at all!

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