About Vedika: A mother, poet, writer, artist and entrepreneur . A maverick who has worn many hats. She is a featured poet in the anthology ShetheShakti & the mental health projects ( It's ok to talk, , patient's engage) ; involved with the Bhor Foundation ; featured articles on Youth ki Awaaz ; loves nature, photograph and follows the calling of her true self on the spiritual path. Humour and honesty with a sprinkle of Ocd, are her trusted companions.


Women With #MeToo Have Taken Over Our FB Feeds And It Is Essential

With #MeToo taking over our Facebook feeds for the last few days, the gravity of the problem is evident: #YesAllWomen have faced harassment.

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kaamwali bai
Do You Take Your Kaamwali Bai (Domestic Help) For Granted When She Has Your Back?

Your kaamwali bai is probably the most important person outside your family - you can do all that you do probably because she is there.

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Saffiya Khan Confronts Racism With Unfazed Calm #LikeABoss

Saffiya Khan, a Birmingham resident, confronted racist members of the EDL party in an amazingly calm manner that has inspired other women everywhere.

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