Vaishnavi Sundar

I am a feminist, pro-reservation, pro-LGBTQ, pro-choice and an unapologetic equal-rights advocate. I am the founder of 'Women Making Films', ( a not-for-profit organization aimed at creating a platform for female filmmakers to unite, collaborate and create films that work as a medium to express progressive and rational content. I dream of walking down the road, alone at midnight, without a speck of fear in my mind.

Voice of Vaishnavi Sundar

“But What Was She Wearing?” Why I’m Making This Film On Sexual Harassment

A new film on sexual harassment is in the works - and promises to look closely at why women get such a raw deal when it comes to sexual harassment complaints and justice.

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Emergency Contraceptive Pills Are Hard To Come By In Tamil Nadu, But Here’s A Partial Victory

After ten years of an unofficial ban on emergency contraceptive pills in Tamil Nadu, the authorities at the Drugs Control Board take first step towards protecting women's reproductive rights.

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