Trisheetaa Tej

An entrepreneur, a freelance content writer, a relationship expert, a blogger and an influential speaker based in Hyderabad, India. I am an ardent lover of the finer things in life… a passionate traveler, a voracious learner and a crazy loving wife to a very handsome man. While I am not exploring a new destination with my hubby, writing poetry, filling my scrapbook, studying, learning, consulting or experimenting in the kitchen, I am submerged in dreams… spinning circles around rose-tinted fantasies… gazing at the scintillating mysterious glitzy stars… and taken off in a vivid imagination of love and wistful dreams that is crafted to reality by my loving husband! As I am lost in my own world of thoughts, I bring those swirling words into statement making sentences, before they are lost in time and space.

Voice of Trisheetaa Tej

When The Women’s Web Hyderabad Chapter Got Together!

Women’s Web Network (WWN) is the perfect platform for women to learn, make new friends, build their social circle, and get motivation and ideas to do better in their professional and personal lives.

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Day In The Life Of An Entrepreneur: Trisheetaa Tej, Founder, Pencil9

Trisheetaa Tej, recounts her journey as the founder of -Pencil9 and how it helps in empowering women.

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Time To Raise Our Voices Against Street Harassment, And How

What are some of the specific ways in which we can raise our voices and counter the street sexual harassment of girls? Here are some ideas.

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