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Tanushree Ghosh

Manages supply chain teams in Intel Corp. Blogger, writer and poet. Founder and Director Her Rights (www.herrights.website). Contributor Huffington Post US, The Logical Indian. Poetry and fiction published in several US, UK and Indian literary magazines including honorable mention for The Glimmer Train. Significant mention anthologies: Defiant Dreams with Readomania (Oprah list 2.0), The Best Asian Short Stories with Kitaab Singapore. Previous affiliations: Brookhaven National Laboratories, The Cornell University, IIT Kanpur and Presidency College, Kolkata. Upcoming works: Twilight's Children with Readomania in partnership with Govt. of India.

Voice of Tanushree Ghosh

Yes, Nepotism Is Bad, But Good Networking Matters; Do It Ethically

As the nepotism debate rages (and the rightful fight to counter it continues), what stays valid is the fact that connections (and networking) matter.

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Bengali women
Rhea Chakraborty And The Atrocious Debate About ‘Black Magic’ By ‘Dominating Bengali Women’

Bengali women have been called manipulative witches who do black magic on mainstream media, which follows from the shaming of Rhea Chakraborty in the Sushant Singh Rajput case.

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Indian Matchmaking @Netflix – Do We Really Hate It? Or Do We Just Feel We Have To?

As Indian Matchmaking – Netflix’s new documentary on the ever-puzzling, 'need to hate it but can’t really' arranged marriage – aired and climbed ranks, so did the backlash on social media. But do the accusations hold?

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Aru Knew Ma Loved Her But She Also Wondered If Ma Could Kill Her…

Broken pieces salvaged - brilliant and beautiful - sparkled against her fate lines. It was a promise of sparkling tomorrows made out of broken yesterdays.

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Stop The Shaming Of Suicide As A Weak Or Selfish Choice; Here’s The Story Of A Personal Experience

Suicide is a side effect of a much misunderstood illness that can be fatal, much like cancer is, and like with cancer, conversation around it needs to be normalised.

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social justice
What’s Common Between Racial, Economic, & Gender Injustice? Noticed By Privileged Only When Extreme

Violence and discrimination is so normalised that we need increasingly more horrifying images to be affected; to make us feel the need for social justice.

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interracial marriages
When A Desi In The US Says Dating Or Marrying A Black Person ‘Would Be Unacceptable To Family’

Interracial marriages in the US – let's examine the very telling desi POV on mixed marriages between an Indian and a black person.

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High Functioning Disabilities At Work : A Road Map For Today, Tomorrow And The Future

keep your counselling appointments and stick to the wellness practice that works even when things are great.

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What Next? 5 Thoughts To Ponder On As We Race Towards 75,000 Dead Globally

We need to seriously re-think the way we as human beings live, and I'm not just speaking of being mindful. There are practical things at stake, like what happens after all this is over?

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Why Do Women Focus On Choosing To Survive And Not The Fight For Justice?

Deciding what is 'morally' correct or incorrect is a confusing road for most of us. However, when does helping someone become more of social justice and less caring?

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Naseeruddin Shah debate
The Naseeruddin Shah Debate: Loyalty Of A Person Can’t Be Questioned Just Because They’re ‘Minority’

Love for a nation comes not from history or expectations, but from how accepted, how at home a person feels. A commentary on the Naseeruddin Shah controversy.

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Delhi Men Were Asked On Camera Why Rape Happens; What They Said Will Make You Puke

That consent is simply a 'yes' or 'no' is quite easy to understand. However, it is not that easy in India. Here's looking back at history of why consent is so hard to understand

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Deepika at JNU
Why Debate On Deepika At JNU? Focus Instead On Our Gender Violence Problem, Seen In Chhapaak

Instead of trolling Deepika for her support to JNU students' protest, or calling her actions 'promotional', the need of the hour is to recognise that her new movie speaks up against a gender based crime.

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The biggest Challenge For Achieving Parity For Women And The Underrepresented And An Effective Path To Action

No country in the world has successfully eliminated discrimination against women or has achieved full equality.

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hearing No
Are We Setting Up Our Youth For Trouble By Not Teaching Them To Handle A NO?

Learning to hear and accept a NO is one of the most important attitudes that we can encourage in ourselves, and the path to realism and resilience. Are we ready?

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Indians Need To Understand Abusing Shehla Rashid And Other Women Is Not Doing Us Any Good

Activist Shehla Rashid recently announced that she was deactivating her Twitter due to the toxicity of many on it. We need to understand that the hate we direct at some women, will one day have repercussions for all of us. 

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What The #MeToo Movement Is. And What It Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Become

How can we ensure that the #MeToo movement leads to lasting change and not just short-lived outrage? Here are some thoughts on truly making a sustainable mindset change.

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Maybe My Story Of Dealing With Bipolar & Borderline Personality Disorder Can Help Others

The author opens up about her mental issues and how she manages it. It's her courage manifesto to fellow sufferers. 

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My Mom Chose To Work, To Be A Role Model For Me. Did My Dad Have The Same Choice?

While we push for women's equality so that working or being a homemaker should be choice, we need to push for a similar choice for men too. That's true feminism.

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No, Postpartum Depression Does Not Just Happen To ‘Unhappy Women’ – Let’s Drop This Myth

Many still do not understand what postpartum depression is, and seem to think that it happens when women are in bad marriages or don't want to have a child. This is certainly not true!

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If The Death Penalty Doesn’t Deter Rape, What Will?

For years we have been clamouring for stronger punishment for rape, including the death penalty. Here's a closer look at the multi-faceted approach needed.

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With The Rash Of Crimes Against Children, Here Is A Plea For Involved Parenting

Involved parenting is not about being paranoid about your child. But yes, it does mean being fully aware of what is going on in your child's life.

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The #MeToo Movement Needs Women’s Solidarity, Now More Than Ever

The #MeToo movement brought down many powerful men internationally over the last months. So why are some women distancing themselves?

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criminalisation of stalking
Stalking: Stronger Deterrents Are Needed To Tackle This Epidemic Of Bollywood Style ‘Love’

Bollywood style 'love' is toxic, unacceptable, and encroaches upon a woman's right to consent. Criminalisation of stalking is imperative.

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Our Real Path To Gender Equality Opens When We See That Boys & Girls Are NOT From Different Planets

Our path to gender equality is muddy; until we acknowledge that men and women have far more in common and start raising our boys and girls in a truly equal manner.

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