Swetha Ponnekanti

An enthusiast in all sorts that gives meaning or happiness.A reader, a software engineer, who can write now and then and want to make this world a better place for women. Want a hand in raising a voice against any social evil? I am all in. Visit my blog and reach out.

Voice of Swetha Ponnekanti

Boycott These Irresponsible Indian Serials That Breed More Patriarchy!

With many changes coming around us, with women being more and more involved in the economic growth, it is high time to rethink what need to be shown and be responsible for producing such shows.

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It Was Traumatic To Realise How Many Of My ‘Friends’ Still Supported The Dowry System!

Indian society is plagued with the evil system of dowry since ages. It is time we eradicate this practice which causes harassment and agony to women.

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A Letter To My Unborn Child

No words can describe the emotions of a woman nurturing a child in her womb and waiting for its arrival.

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