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Dabbling with many loves- literature and social development, quiet reading and loud activism, black coffee and pink scarves, a sleek new Mac and some musty Paperbacks. Always up for a good conversation, can be reached at swarnima.am@gmail.com

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Why I Was Disappointed With Kavita Kane’s “Karna’s Wife: The Outcast’s Queen”

A very interesting take on Kavita Kane's book "Karna's Wife: The Outcast Queen."According to the writer, the book is tribute to Karna, more than his 'wife, the outcast’s queen.'

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Essay On The Gender Pay Gap In Hollywood And How It Reflects Workplace Woes Everywhere

Jennifer Lawrence breaks her silence on the wide wage-gap and the blatant sexism that exists in Hollywood.

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Takeaways From The Movie ‘The Intern’ And Its Zany Lady Boss

Here is our review on Nancy Meyers much-hyped movie "The Intern." We discuss some key takeaways from the travails and triumphs of the 'new age woman.'

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Give Him A ‘Pad’ma Already! Lessons to Learn from the ‘Menstrual Man’

Arunachalam Muruganantham, who is known as the 'Menstrual Man of India' has successfully created simple machines for manufacturing low-cost sanitary napkins

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Retelling Ramayana Through Sita By The Dalit Women Of Karnataka: Ramayana Was Sita’s Story

Retelling Ramayana through Sita, the Dalit women of Karnataka, finds courage and soliditary with Sita, who does not live as a story with them, but as beloved family member.

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