Sumana Saha

HR-Engineer-Dancer-Writer Bold but Soothing. Blunt but Comforting. Adding life to years!

Voice of Sumana Saha

Not Always Necessary

Ever since childhood you have been hearing ‘a coin has two sides’. You haven’t heard people giving the example of a dice – it has three dimensions and six faces.

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One life, a million dreams – A tale of changing dreams!

My journey through the years, from dreams to jobs and everything in between.

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As I Grow Up, I Realise How Much My Parents Have Had To Adapt To Today’s World

When you look back, you may not always feel happy – it will be a combination of smiles and frowns. That is what makes 'growing up’ special to all of us!

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Let’s Look At Why Some Of Our Brightest Are Succumbing To Depression And Even Suicide…

With the pandemic exacerbating depression in almost all, let's no more make it a taboo. Let's look at how we can tackle this parallel pandemic.

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