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Suman Kher

Hello! I am a soft skills trainer with a passion to help people become better communicators and presenters. Writing is one of the tools I use to share my expertise and enable people to develop their skills.

Voice of Suman Kher

How To Ace Virtual Communication For Your Next Job Interview, Sales Pitch Or Team Meeting

Acing virtual communication has become critical - whether it's for an interview, team meeting or sales pitch. Here's how to get really good at it!

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9 Important Tips To Help You Deliver A Super Successful Webinar

A successful webinar is not just about knowing your subject well. Communicating in a human fashion and truly serving your audience's needs are critical.

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11 Practical Tips To Take Your Career To The Next Level

Do you feel stuck at your job? There will be times when you feel like your career is going nowhere. But here are 11 tips to help take your career further!

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6 Reasons Why Women Should Develop Executive Presence & How To Do It

One of the ways for women to achieve parity at work is to develop executive presence. To be able to speak up and take up space like men do. Here's how. 

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9 Important Tips For Women To Be Truly Heard In The Corporate World

Let’s accept it – the rules for men and women at work are different! How can women make their presence felt in a corporate world that is often highly competitive?

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Let Your Second Career Take Off With These 10 Intensely Practical Tips

If your new year resolution was to dust yourself and get going on your second career after a break, this post is for you. It's never too late to restart!

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Women At Work: Are Our Soft Skills Paradoxically, Pushing Us Away From The Top?

Women at work have always been seen as good at soft skills such as team work and communication. But does this mean we are seen as not seen as leadership material?

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Confident Women Will Certainly Have These 8 Life Skills. Here’s How To Master Them

Confident women stand out of a crowd, and can dictate their own life decisions. Here are 8 life skills that you should know to be one of these.

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International Travel Can Be Easy With These Handy Tips To Follow

International travel can be a breeze if only you know what to plan for, and how to go about it. Here are some handy tips.

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4 Things I Have Learnt About Being Safe As A Woman Travelling Alone

A woman travelling alone can face a lot of safety issues, both internationally and within the country. Here are a few tips to stay safe.

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Endometriosis Has A Cure Not Known To Many. Here Is My Experience Of It

Endometriosis, a very painful condition that debilitates a woman every month, and considered incurable, actually has a cure that I have experienced.

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