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Sukanya Majumdar

Forensic Psychologist Intern. Former content writer. Double Masters in Computer Applications & Psychology. B.A in Hindustani Classical Music. Just writing, my mind & heart out :)

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3 Most Common Questions (And Answers) On How To Treat Alzheimer’s Patients With Respect

Alzheimer's may strike you or your family member any time and will definitely wreak havoc in your life. Here are a few FAQs to help you deal with  

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self harm
How To Know If Your Loved One Is Into Self-Harm, And Help Them?

Depression, anxiety, or even PTSD can lead to self harm, a behaviour pattern that includes things like cutting oneself, an action that could lead to a feeling of control.

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Work On Your Financial Literacy If You Want To Be A Truly Independent Woman

Financial literacy is necessary for everyone with gender no bar, something women still have to work at, whether homemakers or working women.

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step it up campaign
The Aim Of The Women’s Day 2017 Step It Up Campaign? An Equal Planet For Men And Women

The International Women's Day 2017 Step It Up Campaign for gender equality calls for an equal planet for both genders. Planet 50:50 by 2030.

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Sisterhood Among Sportswomen: An Underrated Aspect of The Olympics That Really Matters

These two incidents have proved that the spirit of Olympics and sisterhood among sportswomen in the Rio Olympics 2016 is very much alive.

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How A Trip To Singapore Made Me Taste True Safety And Freedom

On a trip to Singapore, I found out what it means to have freedom in the public space, as a woman, especially after the fear we experience in India.

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How Your Emotional And Health Issues Might Be Affecting The Health Of Your Dog

Dogs are known to have affected their human's mental and physical well-being. But do you know that your emotional and health issues might be affecting the health of your dog too?

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Why Is It Important To Choose What You Love As Your Career?

Offbeat careers have always been viewed with suspicion; today, however, choosing what you love as your career has become much more acceptable - and profitable!

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Open Secrets For Women : Things You Know, But Often Forget

The world of relationships can be confusing. Here are some open secrets about relationships - things you know, but may have forgotten!

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Hospital Diaries: Divided By Nations, United By Feelings

A tale of two mothers and a chance encounter in a hospital; this story is simple but will leave you with a tear in your eye.

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A Revolt Within, Change Without

How does one contribute to a cause? Here is a reflection on how change begins from within.

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