An Indian upbringing, educated in Economics, with a Banking profession past, relocated to United States a decade ago, pursued further studies, and took a break to enjoy motherhood. An avid reader be it books, articles, documents and what excites me is exchange of ideas and learning's from life experiences.

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return to work
A Career Break Can Actually Make Us Great Picks When We Return To Work

Why the return to work after a career break for childbirth and looking after our children might actually put you at an advantage.

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What If I Don’t Have A Passion In Life? Am I Destined For A Dead-end Career?

Not found your passion in life yet? A passion you can turn into a career and enjoy your work while earning? Do not fret.

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Why Do We Judge Others And How To Stop It

We all have judged someone or the other. But have you wondered, why do we judge others and how to stop it. Here's it is!

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how to stop procrastinating
The Art Of Endless Delaying: How To Stop Procrastinating

Simple words: Don’t wait till tomorrow. Procrastination can seriously harm jeopardise your bigger goals in life. Here's why and how to stop procrastinating.

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Road To Good Health : From Fad Diets To Baby Steps!

Want to switch to a healthy lifestyle? Ditch fad diets and take small steps towards your fitness goals, says this post.

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6 Reasons Why Women Need To Take Charge Of Managing Money

Have women started owning financial decision making? Or do women still stay away from managing money? A look at why women should take more ownership of family finances.

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The Joys And Struggles Of An Expat Mom

Raising kids in a country away from home comes with its own set of joys and struggles - here is a thoughtful personal account of an expat mom!

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