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Spiritual Butterfly

The two most important drivers in my life are creativity and compassion. I love to create my own imaginary (and sometimes not so imaginary) world through my words. I believe that the entire Universe is interconnected and hence it is our duty to not only 'Live and Let Live' but to 'Live and Help Live'. As a feminist in the Indian society, there are a lot of issues I question which might sometimes be reflected through my words. I love books, nature, animals, and of course, dark chocolate.

Voice of Spiritual Butterfly

Why Must A Woman ‘Tolerate’ An Emotionally Abusive Relative Even For ‘Just A Few Days’?

I just ended an emotionally abusive relationship and feel so much lighter; I should have done this long ago!

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There’s Just 1 Reason Women Don’t Speak Up About Sexual Harassment At Work; My Story

When women speak up about sexual harassment at work, what is the first reaction they receive? Scepticism and disbelief. And you are surprised more women don't want to speak up?

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An Open Letter To My Mother In Law: Please Let Me Be Your Friend

This daughter in law would love to be friends with her mother in law, if only they could relate to each other as two human beings.

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What If I Am Tired Of The ‘Supporting Role’ And Want A ‘Lead Role’ In My Marriage?

A wife's role in a marriage is always supportive, even in a good marriage. Why so? I would like to do things that make me happy, too!

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