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Sonia Dogra

A freelancer and teacher at heart, I believe in all bulldozer movements for a better tomorrow for women. I don't mince my words and carry forward strong, lucid ideas!

Voice of Sonia Dogra

If There’s One Thing We Inherit From Our Mothers, It’s Certainly Their Madness

And it was so easy to blame her for anything that went wrong. She was the one 'responsible' for the mess in my life and in all our lives. Expected to darn all those dirty holes in there.

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A Neighbour Molested Her At The Holi Bash, But She Had To Let Him Go – What Would You Do?

She was molested while playing the Holi, she was sure of that, and she even knew who it was. Should she stand her ground and make an example of him, or let him go because...

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female directors
Can We Say That Indian Cinema Is More Inclusive Of Its Women Directors Than Hollywood?

Despite creating sensitive, nuanced cinema year after year, women directors are missing from nominations - only Kathryn Bigelow has received it for The Hurt Locker, a film that appeals to male sensibilities.

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Sister, Stranger, Saviour…

Two cups of kahwa were placed on the table. They had finally found the right time for it. Maybe. The loudspeakers hadn’t stopped blaring as yet. Only they had found another narrative.

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‘Log Kya Kahenge?’ Why Practically Everyone Is A Conspirator Of Silence

Conspiracy of silence- when people agree to keep mum about uncomfortable topics. From domestic violence to sexual abuse, aren't we all conspirators?

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The Key To Unwrap The Wonder Within Her

"And thus, making women believe that they never are enough," goes the narrative of this story.

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“I Feel The Burden Too If You Judge Your Own Body,” Says An Adult Daughter To Her Mom

"You tell me not to judge myself, or people on how they look, Mamma, but what about the fact that you judge yourself all the time?" Asks a daughter.

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Kheer, In The Middle Of The Night

Sometimes, Amma heard sobs in the dark of the night, interspersed with deep snores. In those times, she lay awake in her bed, only to tell herself a little later that it was just the imagination of her mind.

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Two Suave (Female) Parliamentarians And The Hoopla Around their Clothes!

New parliamentarians Mimi Chakraborty and Nusrat Jahan were trolled because they wore Western clothes and posed enthusiastically in front of Parliament. Judge-y much?

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“5 Things You Must Know About Studies, Exams, Results, & Marks” An Open Letter To My Son

With the frenzy over results and marks that keeps getting worse year after year, here is a word of advice from a mother.

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The Yellow Stains They Judge You For… [#Poem]

Even as she garners expertise in a variety of fields, a woman is often judged for her prowess as a homemaker alone.

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After Bengaluru: Be The Change You Want To See

After the Bengaluru mass molestation incidents, it's time to be the change we all want to see. The change we seek has to start at the individual level.

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The Lady With The Most Unkempt Hair! [#Poetry]

The work of homemakers is often invisible, undervalued, and taken for granted. Maybe this should be changing going forward?

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Of the Choices We Make, And Those Of Other Women Around Us

As women, it is important for us to stand by other women's choices as it is to make our own choices. Being judgemental should be kept far away.

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