Smita Vyas

Smita considers herself an octopus with tentacles in different delicious jam jars. An alumnus of IIM-Bangalore, she is the Founder and CEO of a new technology-based business. She reviews movies for A book on retailing that she has co-authored is to be published shortly. She is a published poet with contributions in international anthologies. She loves playing the piano and cajone, doodling and dancing to trashy Bollywood songs.

Voice of Smita Vyas

Badhai Ho review
Want Some Warm Feelings? Then Head Out To Watch ‘Badhaai Ho’

New movie 'Badhaai Ho' is all about taking things in your stride as a family and using love to tide over things that life throws at us, writes Smita Vyas.   

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When I Was A Reluctant Mother. For Too Short A Time – Just 59 Days!

You cannot choose not to be a mother. This is a truth I realised after being a reluctant mother to Miu, yet, becoming one without realising I was.

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A Masterpiece In The Making

Look at your work. It has such simple beauty in it. How long will you just hang your paintings up at home or keep them away in a cupboard? It’s time you shared your talent with the world.

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the witching hour
The Witching Hour [#ShortStory]

Aru imagined the sigh as a big dust ball accumulating inside her for years. There was a mixture of anger and regret in it. Aru wondered if she too would sigh like that years later.

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Wonder Woman – A Truly Wonderful Movie That Made Me Want To Fight Some Battles!

From a strong female character to a well-written plot and great acting, Wonder Woman has it all. Catch it now if you haven't yet!

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Sharikrida – Strong Women Characters That Are Game Changers In A Dystopian Indian Future [#BookReview]

Sharikrida by Krishna Trilok is an Indian dystopian thriller that has strong female characters that break the stereotypes!

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Ki And Ka Raises Interesting Questions About Marriage. Here’s How.

The movie Ki and Ka raises interesting questions about marriage and the gender roles that each spouse plays in it, and how a more equitable marriage can be.

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Disney’s Zootopia – Breaking Stereotypes With A Female Protagonist

The new Disney movie Zootopia has a female protagonist initially considered weak, but who turns out to have hidden strengths that bring her up on top.

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SP Abha Mathur In Prakash Jha’s Jai Gangaajal: A Welcome Addition

Jai Gangaajal which released this Friday has a strong woman protagonist in SP Abha Mathur played by the super efficient Priyanka Chopra.

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The Reunion

Making choices is difficult - to pursue a career, or be a stay-at-home mom? What makes it worse is people's judgement. Here's a story about being who your choices make you, with pride.

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