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Namrata Singh

With EXISTENTIALISM on one hand and MINIMALISM on the other, my vagrant mind weaves stories every moment, just every moment. Coupled with this, I have an insanely bad habit of binge reading and collecting books. Kindle is non existent for me unless my need to read overpowers my need to hold pages in my hand. An ardent lover of plants and sunsets, I also specialize in reading people's mind without their permission. All this is possible by regular dose of Lemongrass and Basil tea. A Life Coach, a writer and an educator- I am Namrata Singh and Four Clover Life is my brand--------------------http://www.fourcloverlife.com/. I am a contributing author/essayist/columnist/Storyteller to some of India's leading online platform--------Women's Web, Readomania, MyCity4Kids, BlogAdda and contribute extensively to various parenting forums.I am currently putting final touches to my maiden novel which shall be published soon. Come on in!!! Namrata- A Logophile, A Bibliophile sondering through life.

Voice of Namrata Singh

Mayapuri In The ‘Golden’ 80s and Bois Locker Room In ‘Filthy’ 2020, Have Things Changed AT ALL?

At 17, life presents itself hormonally. And later when it demands money, love is the first thing to go. But sex is big, sex is bigger, sex is the biggest!

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Were My Mother And Wife Saints, Or Sinners?

From my first heartbeat in her womb, she has been my Maa, who was Mudita then? I was curious. Was she my wife's friend? Was she an entity on her own?

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To Be Or Not To Be A Feminist : A Short Story

Feminism is not about hating men but this generation has made it exactly that.

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I Have #NoRegrets About The Regrets That Mark My Journey To Where I Stand Now

#NoRegrets...Like really? This author says that it is not possible to live without regrets. But accepting them brings about gratitude for the life you have made for yourself. 

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The Roads Never End, Madamji!

It is another thing that you do not want to look at the one opening in front of you, that you are not able to gather courage to take that first step, that you are so attached to your previous road that you do not find any other road worth it.

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The Sky Doesn’t Belong Only To Us; It Belongs To Them Too!

Pihu, her 12 year old daughter had inherited her mom’s genes and had turned out to be a painter herself. But Anjani had broken the rules- the rules of social class, creed, caste and much more.

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Great Job, Great Position, Great Salary… What More Do You Want From Life?!

Both came from small towns, Durgapur and Lucknow respectively, and both placed their career chart much above the marriage kundli and the ‘chattis gun’.

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It Is No One’s Choice But Yours

The monkey is not on your back. It is in your head and you are feeding him by giving attention. It would soon paralyze you.

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Indian American mom
As An Indian American Mom, How Do I Choose The Right Values While Raising My Kid?

As an Indian American mom, I struggle to teach my daughter the right values, but my parenting has sometimes been questioned.

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teenage heartbreak
Choose Life, Choose Time, Says This Mom To A Son Who Is Going Through Teenage Heartbreak

A mother writes a letter to a teen son who has just experienced heartbreak - it seems like the end of the world. But is it? Asks this mom who talks of her teenage heartbreak.

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Love Is Sometimes At The Wrong Stage, But Commitment Never Goes Out Of Fashion

Commitment never goes out of fashion, and if it does, the world will truly be a sad place to live in, says this short story. Agree/Disagree? 21st February 2018 Dear Vikram, You have finally championed the art of heartburn, so much so that it can burn the world around you. Guess after 10 years, this is […]

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