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Voice of shwetanandu

Feeling Privileged, Or Empathetic Human Beings – What Do You Want Your Kids To Be?

"I want my kids to empathise with those who do not have their privileges, so that they do not grow up entitled persons who do not give back to society," says this mom.

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If I Choose To Just Be And Not Get Affected, It Does NOT Mean Giving Up!

After being in the eye of a storm in life and having my loved ones suffer because of me, I now choose to let go, just be. That does not mean I am giving up!

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Raising Boys To Be Human, In A Man’s World That Devalues Women

Raising boys to be good human beings who believe in treating women as equals, is an extremely difficult thing in a patriarchal world. 

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What Is It That We Would Rather Teach Our Kids?

Are we training our kids to fill a void we see in our lives? Shouldn't we be instead empowering our children with the tools to make a good life for themselves?

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