Shruti Sharada

Bangalore-based Writer, Photographer, Editorial Strategist and Social Media Community-Builder. Communications Manager at Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz. Queer. Feminist.

Voice of Shruti Sharada

The Sexual Violence Of Flashing, And The Problem With Saying, “It Could Have Been Worse!”

A molested person is often told that they are "lucky" it wasn't worse. All of this - the "not-so-bad" and the "horrifying" are all still sexual violence.

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Instead Of Saying, “Why Didn’t She Report”, Ask “What At Work Made Her Not Report?”

Whether depression, menstrual cramps, gender bias or sexual harassment at workplace, women have never stopped being working persons. Hats off to them!

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Why Is ‘FAT’ Still One Of The Most Vicious Insults Thrown At A Girl Or Woman?

To all the people who have been offended or amused by my weight - Yes, I am ‘fat!’ And, no, I don’t care what you think about it! A funny look at fat shaming.

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