I am a college going student. I just give voice to my thoughts and write my heart out. I am a simple photographer of my views . I know just one thing ,nothing is wrong or right . JUST WRITE.

Voice of Kajol

letter to a mom
Home Is Where My Momma Is… I Long To Be Back Home With You, Maa!

A letter to a mom from a homesick daughter, written straight from the heart, after she leaves home for higher studies. Do read.

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stalking her
Newsflash! If Boys Think A Girl Wants To Marry A Pervert Who Has Been Stalking Her, They Need A Re-Think!

Boys think stalking her will win a girl over, but that isn't true - 'serenading' a woman a la movies is pure harassment if she does not want it.

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woman's earning
Why Is A Woman’s Earning Considered ‘Pocket Money’ To Spend On ‘Unnecessary’ Items?

A woman's earning is belittled in our society, often considered mere 'pocket money'. This enables society to pull down a woman's ambitions.

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myths about sexual assault
11 Myths About Sexual Assault That Need To Be Fact Checked

There are so many myths about sexual assaults - these are because of the taboo on speaking about rape and anything to do about it.

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Is This Really Holi Or Simply An Unholy Mess?

If Holi was originally all about togetherness and enjoyment, we have made an unholy mess of it by how we treat women at Holi celebrations.

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Grandparents Are Special. Near Us Or Far Away, They Will Always Be In Our Heart

Grandparents are special, and will always hold an unassailable place in our hearts. Show them your love while you can.

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The Road Taken, That Has Made All The Difference!

Shouldn't we stop putting pressure on our children to take up career that they are not interested in, no matter how good the monetary prospects?

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A Daughter’s Letter To Her Father: You Gave Me Wings. Now See Your Daughter Fly High!

A daughter's letter to her father on the eve of her leaving home to go to college. A letter that shows what wonders an involved father can do in a daughter's life!

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