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shivani thakral

I am currently a stay at home mom trying to raise a dare devil of a toddler. I have over 10 year experience in the banking and insurance sector and have worked in organisations like Tata AIG and ABN Amro. I studied in Mayo Girls' in Ajmer and went on to Economics Hons in SRCC . I did MBA in sales and marketing from IMI Delhi. All of this feels like a previous life so yes I am bordering 40 and getting wiser (hopefully) by the day. I have begun placing my thoughts in words mostly because I want to share some anecdotes and also deliver a message. I am a strong believer in women power perhaps to a fault. I am a feminist at heart and while i teach my boy about equality; i do not forget to try and inculcate chivalry in him.

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strong willed kid
A Strong Willed Kid Can Exhaust You, But Some Sensitive Parenting Works Wonders!

Find yourself locking horns with your strong willed kid? First celebrate, and then ask yourself if you can parent more sensitively.

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I Want To Bring Up A Child With GRIT. But How? Here’s A Little Story For You

What is grit? And what does it mean to bring up a child with grit, who stays optimistic even when things are not sailing all that smoothly?

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Damsel In Distress Or Strong Empowered Woman – Whom Do We Want Our Daughters To Grow Up Into?

The female protagonist in most fairy tales is a damsel in distress. Do we really want these to be role models for our daughters? And sons?

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Does Your Toddler Give These Comical Responses To Your Requests? #MomDiaries

Do you have a toddler at home who drives you nuts with their way out skewed response to your mundane requests? Well, you're not alone!

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remarkable parenting
Let Us Embrace Our Children As They Are, And Learn From Some Remarkable Parenting

We need to see our children for what they are and nurture the best in them. Let us learn from some remarkable parenting around us.

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changing name after marriage
What’s In A Name, You Say? Well, I Say The Same And See No Reason To Change It After Marriage!

Changing name after marriage means a woman loses her identity, and leads to so many 'practical' problems - this is why I did not!

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gender neutral books and toys
Gender Neutral Books And Toys – How Aware Are You As A Modern Parent?

As a modern parent, how aware are you of gender neutral books and toys? Would you get your son a doll or your daughter a fire truck?

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