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Shahrazad Zaid (Sherry), age 38 years Born in Calcutta and having spent over 25 years of my life in Bangalore, I would call myself a Bangalorean. Married to a coffee planter and mother to a seven year old girl enjoy being this family person. In addition to relishing my moments as a home maker, I do love exploring the world, reading, listening to music and sprucing up my wardrobe. Professionally, I am grateful to the enriching & fulfilling assignments I have had over the last 16 years and the exposure I have gained in multiple facets of talent management. The opportunity to work with diverse groups and great business leaders has helped nourish my thought process.

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themes of womens leadership
12 Themes Of Women’s Leadership Distilled From My Career

With the scope for Women Leadership becoming immense, are we as women ready to take the plunge? Here is a personal account of the author on Women Leadership and its essence that will be handy.

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