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Parul Sharma

A software professional who has her heart in writing. Words resonate and make a profound impact on me. I love reading and writing poems,short stories and articles that can enthuse one with positive energy and catalyze change in society. I am highly passionate about issues that concern modern women. Also being a mother to a 19 month old encourages me to write about the new venture in my life parenting .

Voice of Parul Sharma

Fitness – Fab Or Just Fad?

Lately there has been a lot of buzz around fitness especially with celebrity endorsement of luxurious gyms, Yoga, Zumba, fitness diets, low calorie and fat free foods and even magical mythical ornaments, and apparel that can reduce one's weight.

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how to select a preschool
8 Essential Factors To Help Decide If Your Kid’s Preschool Is The Right One

How to select a preschool is something most parents often give little consideration to, when this may be the foundation of which a child's life is built.

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Fighting Post Partum: Get The Help You Need

Post-partum depression is one of the most common and least acknowledged states of mind that occurs at the most vulnerable of times in life.

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New Moms Going Back To Work After The Baby: Not Easy But You Can Do It!

Getting back to work after you have had a baby is not always easy. One needs to really focus on creating a balance between the home and workplace.

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The New Mum Phobia

Nine months or 40 weeks of long wait culminates in a wonderful experience when a cuteling cuddles in one's arms changing one's status from a Mum-to-be to a New Mum.

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