Sharada Ganesh

Sharada loves to travel the world, is passionate about reading and writing. She volunteers with various social movements in the field of sustainability and is associated with a womens' handloom weavers co-operative. She has co-authored a travelogue "A fortnight in Khumbu" - The story of our trek to Everest Base Camp, Nepal. She blogs on her personal blog and medium.

Voice of Sharada Ganesh

The Ministry of Utmost Happiness review
Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness Devastates The Reader With Its Brutal Truth

Arundhati Roy's The Ministry of Utmost Happiness gets under your skin and stuns the reader with its honest portrayal of the brutality of real life events, even if in the form of fiction.

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Behind Beautiful Fabric: The Women Weaving At Charaka

Charaka, a weaving community for women, works to save the dying art of handloom weaving while empowering rural women. Here's a wide-eyed exploration of the community and the toil.

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How A Trek To The Everest Base Camp Changed My Life

The tallest mountain in the world is also a treasure trove of life lessons. Here's an account of a trek to Mount Everest, and a fortnight in Khumbu, that changed how I see my life.

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Held Together By a Half-Widow: Haider [Film Review]

Haider, Vishal Bharadwaj's adaptation of Hamlet, does not disappoint. What remains particularly alluring, though, is Tabu's portrayal of Ghazala - the half-widow, and cold mistress.

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