Juggling between the corporate life and home, blogging and I discovered each other. I don several hats - Daughter, wife, mother, banker, traveller, bookworm, writer, poet (two times National Award winner), foodie (love to cook as much as eating!), music lover, movie and theatre enthusiast, saree connoisseur, amateur artist etc. Nothing gives me more happiness than bringing a smile on someone’s face and learning something new each day. Blogging provides me a platform to do all that - Share thoughts, spread knowledge and learn something new. My mantra in life – The Glass is always half full! So Hope against hope! To know more about me, visit my blog

Voice of shaivi

Why Does Everyone Think Wearing Spectacles Makes A Woman Less Beautiful?

Why do everyone and their neighbour's aunty have to give gyaan about how wearing spectacles does not suit an Indian woman's looks? When will this myopic mentality change? A hilarious look at the phenomenon.

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