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great parenting lessons
3 Simple Stories That Taught Me Some Great Parenting Lessons

Stories can have great teachings. Here are 3 stories - one about a friend, and two WhatsApp shares, that have taught me some great parenting lessons.

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happy mother pledge
The Happy Mother Pledge: I Promise Not To Become A Meddlesome Parent When I Am Old

I promise to take the happy mother pledge, to be reasonable and not meddlesome in my grown children's lives!

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Everything On Hold, “Kyonki ‘Maid’ Aane Wali Hain!”

The importance of a maid - a domestic help - in women's lives cannot be discounted. These women take care of our drudgery, and free up time for us.

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standing up for your wife
Why Do You Put Me Down To Elevate Your Mother? [#ShortStory]

"You always considered standing up for your wife will make you a bad son. To give importance to one relationship, you don’t need to disregard others." A short story.

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