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Saurabh Bijalwan

Doctor, night owl, Quoran, cat person who spends his pasttime reading engrossing literary fiction and avoiding cold showers.

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I Have Seen Cousins Struggle Under The Onslaught Of ‘Beti Toh Maa Baap Ka Bojh Hoti Hain’!

An Indian man writes a letter to his fellow Indian girls and women, urging them to not give up their education and dreams to give in to a 'marriageable age'.

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Dear Sexually Active Indians, Visit A Doctor, Not Google, If You Suspect An Unwanted Pregnancy

Unprotected sex can easily lead to an unwanted pregnancy. If it does, please visit a doctor, instead of doing things that endanger the woman's life.

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When A Rape Case From 1992 Receives Punishment In 2011, We Need To Ask Harder Questions

Every government promises change, but judicial reforms in India are still needed. Until then, rape survivors will continue to be denied justice.

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