Saranya Iyer

I am a writer/blogger from Mumbai. I work as a teacher and spanish trainer as well as freelance writer for some websites. I love reading and listening to music. My favorite author is Jane Austen who has inspired throughout my writing journey. I am trying out different genres but I mostly write on Drama fiction, social issues and relationships. Some of my published works include The plantain leaf, Winged heart - Anthology of poems, Love through ages - Fiction Anthology.

Voice of Saranya Iyer

How Leaving My Child In A Day-Care Brought Out Strange Emotions In Me

A mother writes a heart-felt post about the emotional roller coaster she goes through when she leaves her child in a day care centre.

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And The Conch Fell Silent…

A poignant poem which depicts the plight of a woman whose voice is silenced.

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She Gave In To Parental Pressure To Marry. That Was When The Nightmare Began

She had so many dreams from life, and hoped she could follow them even after she gave in to parental pressure to marry. That was the beginning of the end!

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