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As a certified love and relationship coach, I help women reconnect with their feminine energy and attract, marry and keep their soulmates in an incredible relationship. I currently live in Paris with my doting husband. Download my free report on "3 Powerful Secrets to Uplift You In Love" from my website

Voice of Coach Sami Wunder

How To Help Yourself When You Don’t Have All The Answers

All of us have been at that place where all we ask is "Why?" This word consumes our entire being! Here are some ways you can help yourself when you ask why.

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What We Can Learn From Men About Being Ourselves

Do we really know ourselves? Do we listen to ourselves? Maybe we should. Life would be much simpler. Read this article to learn more.

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Single Or In Love: A Note To All Fantastic Women On Valentine’s Day

Whether you are happily in love, or a happy singleton, you can use Valentine's Day as a moment to feel good about yourself.

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How I Realized I Am Beautiful

Beauty and social acceptance don't come easy in India. One has to fit into several slots to qualify as beautiful. Here's how I realized I am beautiful, no matter what society says.

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Why Being Lonely Was The Best Thing That Happened To Me

We live in times where we share everything, but shy away from getting in touch with our emotions. Out of loneliness, I discovered truth and happiness, says this post.

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