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Ritwika Roy Mutsuddi

I am an international travel expert by profession and an avid blogger by passion. Parenting and women's issues are something that are close to my heart and I blog a lot about them.

Voice of Ritwika Roy Mutsuddi

Middle Class Indian Parents, Save For Your Daughter’s Higher Education, Not For Her Wedding!

A grand wedding to please society, and tons of jewellery to please the in-laws should not be the parameters to decide a daughter's happiness. Their education should be.

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From The ‘Raja Beta’ Syndrome To Torturous MILs, Here’s How Women Promote Patriarchy

The shackles of patriarchy still need to be broken. But it isn't an easy task when women are conditioned by it too. Often their toxic behaviour nurtures it!

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Dear Women, Stop Trying To Be A Superwoman, You Need Help Too!

Women are constantly expected to be superwomen when it comes to managing the family, their careers and the kitchen. I think it's time we stopped that!

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Too Early? No, I’ve Never Regretted That I Had A Baby Immediately After Getting Married!

Women always have to justify their choices. I wonder why? We should strive towards living a guilt-free life with no regrets.

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Don’t Call Your Husband An Abuser! He Doesn’t Beat You At Least…

She knew she had nowhere to go. Her parents would never believe that Nitesh had this facet. He was very well-behaved in front of them.

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She Is A Taken-For-Granted Indian Housewife!

"Neerja, its good to take care of your family, but don't try to become so sacrificing and devoted that you forget your own existence. No point in trying to make everyone else happy but yourself."

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No, I Am NOT An ‘Apshagun’ Because I Am Childless. Why Not Blame Your Son Too?

"You are annoyed with me only because I can't give you a grandchild? Why just me? Can you say the same thing to your son?" Priya asked.

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daughters are caring
Do You Think Only Daughters Are Caring? Here’s My Son’s Story

We have always heard how daughters are caring and how sons are incapable of handling themselves or others. This will change your mind.

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be the change maa
Be The Change Maa! [#Shortlisted]

They forget that if you want a change then be the change. Be the change Maa. Don't worry about me. I am extremely proud to be your daughter.

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What Drives Some Young People Passionately Towards Gender Justice? Let’s Find Out!

Many young people today are more aware of gender inequality in India, and burning with the passion to act for gender justice.

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When Power And Gender Work Against Girls. How Can We Solve This Problem?

For many girls, sexual harassment is a very real threat due to caste and gender acting against them. Here’s what young people had to say.

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dual life
A Bahu Going Out With Sari Over Jeans, Changing Once Outside. Who Is Responsible For This Dual Life?

Girls want to have the freedom to have fun just as much as boys. Patriarchal restrictions of morality just push them into leading a dual life.

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being a couple
You Are So Lucky… Your Husband Doesn’t Shout At You!

Are husbands little kids that they are 'expected' to throw temper tantrums in a marriage? Why isn't a husband expected to be adult enough to own his part in being a couple?

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You Can’t Break Me: A True Story Of How I Dealt With Psoriatic Arthritis

When everything was hunky-dory, this author got handed a diagnosis of incurable psoriatic arthritis. How did she deal with it?

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boys and girls
“Thank God! I Don’t Have A Son!” Why Must Any Parent Say This?

If we have to eliminate gender differences, we need to begin early, with our children, and raise our boys and girls without differentiating between them.

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if pillows could answer
Wish Pillows Could Answer… [#ShortStory]

Nisha didn’t expect this reaction from her mother. She looked at her father for support. He looked at her mother and said, “Girls shouldn’t be given so much of freedom."

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good husbands
The Dearth Of Good Husbands In Indian Society Has Much To Do With How We Raise Our Sons

Why are good husbands who consider their wife an equal in all aspects so rare? It has much to do with how they are brought up, in my opinion!

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women's sexuality
OMG, Women’s Sexuality? Is There Such A Thing In India? Chhee, Chhee!

Women's sexuality is a completely taboo topic in our country - how dare they have desires and enjoy sex? Then they must be #AskingForIt!

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