Richa Mukherjee

Richa started her writing journey as a child, scribbling away poems and stories for her father, every time he travelled on work. Her career as a journalist and advertising professional after completing her MBA, and becoming a mother has gave her writing more dimension and her creativity, more juice. Her curious mind helps her look at people and situations in a unique way and she hopes her observations continue to inspire her in this lifelong pursuit of expression.

Voice of Richa Mukherjee

Are We Breastfeeding Mothers Or Aliens From Outer Space?

This mother speaks of her struggle with breastfeeding her baby when on the go, narrating vexatious incidents with rib-tickling humour.

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Periods Come From Leaky Faucets & Other Indian Folk Tales

When this author spoke to her daughter about periods, the disapproval from some was immediate. Sounds familiar?

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Can I Wear The Pants In The House?!

Chafing against the dress codes that insist girls and women dress a certain "appropriate" way, Richa Mukherjee writes what can only be a tongue-in-cheek rant! 

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Mom Looking After The Baby Alone, While Everyone Else Enjoys Themselves – Sounds Familiar?

There's a truism - "A crying baby is the mother's" - and families seem to follow it without any thought for the mother, who's also her own person. But who cares?

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Not Fitting Into That Dress You Wore In College? Big Deal!

So you've gained some weight over the years, and don't fit into that favourite dress. Are you fit and able to be all that you are? Then why do you bother with the naysayers?

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What Kind Of Parent Are You If You Don’t Have A Parenting Style?!

Tiger mom, Helicopter, Snowplow mom or even an advocate of roadkill parenting, whatever that is - apparently every parent needs a signature style. What's yours?

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When The Tigress Lost Her Stripes… To A Loved One’s Abuse

Emotionally abused, even the strongest of women can lose themselves in the pain. But at some point, they realise that they can still rise. A parable.

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When Vada Pav Saved Valentine’s Day

Sameeksha was laughing but she had tears rolling down her cheeks again. This time around, warm ones, washing away her anxieties, expectations, and the plans for the night that had thickened like a noose around her neck.

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Are You A Carrier For That Stress Virus? Kill It Before It Kills You!

The 'stress virus' seems to affect all of us in this hyper-connected, dynamic world. Women especially, are big time carriers of this virus - is it time to be kinder on ourselves?

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You Are Not Alone…

Depression sinks its talons into the most unlikely minds. I have seen the most raucous laughter and the loudest voices, battle with their inner demons..

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When I Realised That I Didn’t Have To Do A Kareena After Becoming A Mom!

Celebrate your body as a mother – pregnancy changes it in various ways, and that’s OK. Just don’t let the shamers get you; focus on keeping yourself fit!  Suck the stomach in. (Can’t breathe!) Let go of scrunched stomach. (Now it’s all out there!) Welcome to my daily routine. Every morning, my mood for at […]

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When The Wolf Comes Cloaked In Sheep’s Clothing…Calling Out Harassment At Work

This short story explores a reality for many women at work: sexual harassment at the workplace by your colleagues whom you expected to trust and respect.

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brides and grooms
Why Are Indian Matrimonial Ads So ‘Extra’ And ‘Optimistic’?

Matrimonials listing brides and grooms are an echo of the real beliefs of a society, despite all the 'woke' ideas and behaviour. A hilarious take.

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small hands
Big Life Lessons That Are Held In Small Hands

This is a poetic take on the daily travails of new mothers, and how much one can learn from just observing your own children.

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Paranoid Mom Vs. Protective Mom: I’m Striking My Own Balance

Do you fear that in being a protective mom, you are becoming a paranoid mom? An honest take on creating your own rules, cos no rules work for everybody!

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play school
Parents, Pull Up Those Playschool Socks Even Before Your Kid Is Born!

You are expected to plan for a child's playschool, and maybe even future education even before birth. A tongue-in-cheek look at this.

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Beneath [#Shortlisted]

#Poetry. A searing expression of regret for all that could have been and what happened. A poem about loss and love.

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