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Radhika Bajpai

I am Radhika Bajpai, a doting mother of a two year old. I have been with the corporate world for 15 years working in IT and Finance sectors. After having my child and going through the parenting experience I realized that parenting is a skill just like any other professional skill which needs time and commitment to learn and master. Through my articles I plan to share my parenting experiences with readers.

Voice of Radhika Bajpai

Why I Realized The True Meaning Of Being Multilingual Only When I Was A Parent

Truly being multilingual is when you can think, feel, and converse switching between languages, and being equally comfortable in them - as I realized only after I had become a parent.

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Everything That You Need To Be Prepared For If You Have To Take A Sick Child To The Hospital

We say god forbid, but here are the mundane things that a parent should know about if they ever need to take a sick child to the hospital or ER.

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