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Ranjani Ravi

Ranjani Ravi, is a 27 year old Environmental Professional and an avid blogger. She is a firm believer of "Passion meets Purpose" and has always directed her writings to provide knowledge and insight to her readers. Born and raised in Dehradun, India and having traveled all over the country before moving to US her writings always have an authentic Indian flavor. Currently she resides in Seattle, Washington and has been a beacon of Indian culture to her friends abroad.

Voice of Ranjani Ravi

my mother in law
An Ode To My Mother In Law Who Is Completely Unlike The Regressive Soap Opera Specimens We Know Of

My mother in law made the choice to be my best friend unlike other mothers in law, and that makes her an amazing woman I love!

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Being A Slave To The Protein Pendulum – To Eat Or Not To Eat A Particular Food?

There have always been fad diets and there always will be. Shouldn't we stick to our natural food rather than be a slave to the protein pendulum?

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