Rajlakshmi Kurup

Rajlakshmi Kurup is a freelance writer based in Navi Mumbai.

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Anne Hathway pregnancy
A Pregnant Anne Hathway Shares Her Infertility Struggles; Validates Pain Of Other Women

Anne Hathaway has a sensitive, empathetic message for women everywhere who struggle with infertility, while sharing a glowing picture of a pregnant self.

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school friends
Why Meeting With My School Friends After So Many Years Has Been So Wonderful!

Do your friends from your teenage years still matter to you? What difference do these erstwhile school friends make to a woman's life?

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5 Things You Should Talk To Teens About To Make Those Growing Up Years Less Confusing

We asked some of our writers, "What are the other things you should talk to teens about, other than the obligatory 'sex-ed'?" Here is one answer.

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Boys Don’t Cry: A Birthday Letter To My One-Year-Old Nephew

In this heartfelt birthday letter, to her one-year-old nephew, the writer writes on the pieces of advice he should not listen to.

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This Lipstick Is For The Fair, Fairer And The Fairest

Why do skincare and beauty brands feel the urge to use only fair and thin models? Don't other women use their products too?

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A Reunion That Did Not Last

People and circumstances change, leaving relationships as only a shadow of what they once were. Here's a story that captures this transition.

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