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Rachna pal

An Engineer by degree but a budding writer by choice, I have a deep love for writing; it is one potent way of bringing out your persona and the way you think. Also i have a desire to alter the stereotyped attached to a homemaker's tag. Every women is intellectual in her own way.

Voice of Rachna pal

North-East India
Know Zero About North East India? Movies Can Do More To Help!

Representation is important - as we can see in our ignorance about North-East India - the culture and the people. Maybe movies and TV serials are the answer?

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Still Captivated By The Spell Of International Schools? Necessity Or Show-Off?

International schools in India are mushrooming everywhere, and finding ready takers despite the hefty fees. But what are they truly delivering in return?

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Don’t Consider Me A ‘Useless Housewife’. I May Not Be Perfect But Parts Of Me Are Pretty Awesome!

A housewife is considered to be an uninformed person, often of no real use to the world outside home, by others. Not so, says this writer.

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The Minority View On Talaq Citing Long Practice As A Reason Is Not OK To Me. Here’s Why

The recent judgement of the honourable SC on Triple Talaq has definitely brought respite for many; it is to be celebrated as a victory of rationality over faith.

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