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Purnima Prakash

Purnima is a passionate communicator with over 17 years of experience in Human Resources and Corporate Communications. She is currently the Chief Ideator for a Branding and Communications agency called - Pitch Perfect. Her experience includes Writing (long and short formats), Creative campaigns, Content and Multimedia Design. She has worked with companies like Randstad, HSBC and JP Morgan, before starting her own communications venture.

Voice of Purnima Prakash

When Sir Matters But Not M’am: Empowered, Yet Invisible

Why is 'Sir' always deferentially acknowledged, while 'Madam' stays invisible? Why are women ignored by most service providers?

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So What Is So Wrong In Having Children Late?

Society expects you to give the 'good news' soon after you are married. But is it really so wrong to have children late, or not to have them at all?

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