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A full time Communication professional and mommy of two young girls, of which one is a lockdown baby. She is still to go out and explore the world. I have keen interest in working on gender issues and had been previously engaged with supportive women's initiatives utilizing my skills. Based out of Patna for now.

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It’s Papa Ki Roti Gol Gol At My Home, As My Husband Shares All Our Home Chores!

He takes care of the home when I go for my office tour, at times he handles the school PTMs independently. In short, he is not only a husband now; rather has become a partner in true sense.

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Let’s Touch The Pickle To Abolish Period Myths This Menstrual Hygiene Day!

This gets upon the nerves of all adolescent girls and did happen with me too, so much so that I started hating my periods.

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Born Just As The 1st Lockdown Began, Our Little One Made Life Beautiful Through The Pandemic

My husband and my older one took care of me and the newborn, while close friends and husband's colleagues supported us in extraordinary ways; indebted to them for life.

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