Prerna Nanda

I have been a corporate for 13 years working in industries like Banking, IT, insurance. Travelling is a passion with me & my work has always taken me places, literally. I am a wanderer at heart & nomad by lifestyle. I love writing, no - blurting my heart out.. I live life on my own terms, I am not perfect, I am work in progress...

Voice of Prerna Nanda

Lower Paid, But Happy! Why Are Female Workers OK With This State Of Things?

Research shows that despite hardships, (paid) female workers are as happy as their male counterparts. What explains this? Here’s an in-depth look.

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Women In IT – Why Are There So Few Of Us, And When Will We Be The Norm?

While women in IT are not exactly a minority, they are also not quite at the top levels. What accounts for this? An in-depth take worth your reading time.

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making a will
Making A Will In India 101: Everything You Need To Know As A Woman

Want to know how to go about making a will in India? Here is everything a woman needs to know about it, so that there is no confusion about your wishes. 

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Traveling Alone Anywhere In The World As A Woman Can Be Fun! Whether To Alaska Or Allahabad!

Traveling alone as a woman can be a lot of fun, if you know what to expect, and how to go about it. Here are some universal tips for traveling alone!

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Learning From Pain In Life – Once You Have Seen Darkness, You Know The Value Of Light

Learning from pain - both physical and emotional, is by becoming stronger by learning the skills you need to cope.

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I Am A Single Woman By Choice, And Here Is My Tool Kit For Being Happily Single!

I am a single woman by choice, and very happy with my life. So, how to be happily single? Read on to find out.

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Are You A Woman In Her Forties? Congratulations! This Can Be A Wonderful Age For Women!

Being in the forties could be a sweet spot for most women, who have hopefully learnt to love themselves and managing their lives better.

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How I Ensured My Financial Health Single-handedly, And How You Can Too!

Even if traditionally women do not do it alone, managing money and ensuring financial health is not such a difficult thing, as this writer found out. 

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