Pratibha Ryali

Prathibha is a cocooned wordsmith in the skin of a technology marketing professional. She hopes that this platform would lend her a voice to raise about anything and everything which is fundamentally puzzling about being female and being treated differently. Maybe then, the cocoon, will break and the butterfly effect will unfurl.

Voice of Pratibha Ryali

accepted as themselves
This Samsung Ad Makes Me Think – Very Few Women Are Accepted As Themselves!

Some women are privileged, and are exempted from the effects of gender bias, but ordinary women are not even accepted as themselves by society.

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Why Women's Day?
Women’s Day: Why Not Everyday?

What do we really mean when we celebrate Women's Day? This post explores why women should have a day dedicated to them - or not.

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Society’s Many Crimes: Was It Them Or Was It You?

When society errs, we are quick to blame 'the other'. This evocative poem asks an important question - who is to blame?

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