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Prakarsha Pilla

Animal lover. Feminist. Student.

Voice of Prakarsha Pilla

I Was 7. How Can You Ask Me ‘Why Didn’t You Report It Immediately’?

I was seven. I had no idea about clothes, except knowing that we wear a uniform to school.

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Poor Couple’s Selling Baby Girl Reveals Dire Need For More Conversation Over Having Kids

Imagine a family which may not have enough money to raise a child. If it is a son, they'll somehow make both ends meet. But if it is a daughter?

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Articles Published For Women, And How They Should Really Be

Have you ever come across some of the most click bait articles that make you want to roll your eyes? Beware and stay away from them!

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6 Things That A Mom Is Definitely Not

In the run up to this year's Mother's Day, it's worthwhile remembering what a mom is not. (Hint: Stop glorifying her).

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Thappad Had Some Strong, Wonderful Women- Here Are The Four Who Stayed With Me

Amazon Prime is streaming Thappad since last weekend and I finally watched it and learnt some lessons from these four women. This is why I loved them.

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Changing Your Surname (Or Not!) Is Your Choice, No One Can Force You

Changing your surname after marriage is neither legally necessary, nor something your husband can force you to do. Stand up for your rights!

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Hey Auntie! Let Me Live The Life I Choose

Ever been annoyed by women who moral police other women? This poem is for you!

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What Do You Want Your Daughters To Be – Confident Women Or Meek Paraya Dhan?

There's more to women than marriage and being an ideal DIL. Society might not support their choices, so we must, and also teach them to face such society on their own terms.

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I Suppose In This Country It’s Too Much To Ask For Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines In Public Places?

A country that could come up with a movie like PadMan is also the country that has barely any sanitary pad vending machines where we need them. Time to change?

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‘Shh! You’re On Your Periods.’ My Take On The Need To Speak About Menstruation

From using code words about periods to wrapping sanitary napkins like a bomb, we keep periods a secret. It's time we changed that, says the author.

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