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God's blessed child who tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of the mines! An HR, a writer and a poet who finds joy in the smallest of things! Love to observe and live to read!

Voice of Pradnya Vernekar

Kangana Ranaut’s Recent Interview Reveals More Than Just Her Bravery

Kangana's 'fierce' interview charmed us, and she deserves every accolade. Yet, here are some more thoughts that came to this author's mind.

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Why I Think Dealing With Pain Is Better For You Than Blocking It Out

We often try to avoid pain by getting numb. But you will feel alive only when you experience that pain and let it resolve to cleanse you of it its effects.

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From Karwar To Pune And West Bengal to Chennai, Where Do I Belong?

Where do I belong? Do I belong in the cities that I adopt or to my own adventurous spirit?

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Reigniting Life’s Motor

'Reigniting Life's Motor' is about finding courage under fire.

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Why Couples Should Have Exclusive Worlds Even After Marriage

Marriage means togetherness, but does it mean that they should do everything together. Why couples should have exclusive worlds even after marriage, here's a take.

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The Bigger Sin [Short Story]

Marriages break up for many reasons. Physical intimacy outside the marriage is an obvious reason, but are there other 'sins' that matter too?

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Is Sex Evil: Why Can’t We Be Honest About Sex?

As a society, we portray sex as an evil. But is sex evil? Let's be fair adults and tell the truth about sex to our younger generation. It will help them.

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The Grass Always ‘Seems’ Greener On The Other Side!

Some lives seem perfect. But perhaps we do not see the hidden unhappiness of people's lives?

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