Piyusha Vir

Piyusha Vir

Piyusha is a sometime sane reader, part-time crazy writer and full-time wacky alien. You can either find her on her blog Wandering Soul (wanderingsoulwriter.com) - writing insane articles that defy all logic; or in the kitchen trying to salvage the burnt chicken that her father will turn up his nose at.

Voice of Piyusha Vir

Because He Is... by Meghna Gulzar
Raazi Director Meghna Gulzar Speaks Of Her Dad, Legendary Writer-Poet Gulzar, Because He Is…

Because He is… by Meghna Gulzar is a personal narration - a daughter’s perspective of her illustrious father-writer-poet-director Gulzar’s accomplishments.

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Maybe It’s Good That Men Are Now Scared, And Careful How They Approach Women

Men are crying foul at the #MeToo movement, slut shaming the women who speak up, or even lamenting, "How do we approach women now?" Maybe being scared and careful is good.

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Piyusha Vir
I Gave Up My Career In The Hotel Industry After Facing Sexual Harassment Too Many Times

Speaking up in the wake of the #MeToo movement, Piyusha Vir talks about the sexual harassment and sexism she has faced in the hospitality and the hotel industry.  

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twenty-nine going on thirty
What’s It Like To Be Single And Twenty-Nine Going On Thirty?

Andaleeb Wajid stays true to form in her new offering Twenty-Nine Going on Thirty, entertaining the reader while engaging them and making them think.

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The Buddha and the Bitch
There’s Magic When Travellers Become Friends And Friends Travel Together

A travelogue with a difference - The Buddha and the Bitch is more the journey of two women very unlike each other who discover themselves as they take the trip.

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Taslima Nasrin's memoir
Split: A Life Is A Revealing Glimpse Into The Struggles Of Taslima Nasrin, The Rebel [#BookReview]

Taslima Nasrin's memoir Split: A Life is a searing account of the challenges she has faced as a woman who calls out fundamentalism and violence against women.

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The Day After Women’s Day – Everyday Sexism Is Far From Going Away!

After Women’s Day is over, the cheery Whatsapp forwards have become obsolete, and the roses have wilted, real life (read, sexism) has resumed for women.

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Status Single
‘Status Single’ Is So Much More Than Just A Book By, For, And About Single Women [#BookReview]

Status Single by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu, without being preachy, showcases the need for single women to own their decisions, and live life on their own terms without fear of judgment.

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Men Look ‘Cool’ Posing With Pads, But Will Padman Challenge Create Acceptance Around Menstruation?

Men posing with pads a.ka. the Padman challenge won't dissolve the stigma around menstruation. What we need is social awareness.

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Out With Lanterns
A Charming Relationship That Grows Via Emails – Out With Lanterns Is A Story Of Our Times [#BookReview]

Out With Lanterns is a story about two wordsmith warriors who come together. Alisha Priti Kriplani's epistolary book makes for an entertaining read!

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Author Paulami DuttaGupta Shares Why Writing A Story Of A Rape Survivor Was So Tough

Author and script writer Paulami DuttaGupta's recent novel, Onaatah: Of The Earth raises tough questions about how we treat survivors of rape.

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too much feminism
There’s No Such Thing As Too Much Feminism! Can We Drop The #NotAllMen?

When misogynists accuse you of too much feminism (what does that mean anyway?) standing up can often mean being trolled with rape threats to shut you up.

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Update Yourself On These Legal Rights For Women That Every Woman Must Know

People in India are NOT aware about legal rights for women, essential in a society that is patriarchal, and violence against women is almost normalized.

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“From A Cancer-afflicted Widow, I Was A Bestselling Author!” Neelam Kumar On Her Inspiring Journey

Neelam Kumar speaks about her journey from the depths of despair to new beginnings, to becoming a successful, best-selling author.

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