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Toys Or Stereotoys? Gender Stereotyping Starts Early

We are not raising our children; we are raising the next generation. Mindful parenting starts with us.

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My Family Failed Me… “Why Didn’t You Call Right Away? Wanting More?”

"A is a grown-up girl. Look, what kind of clothes she is wearing. Control her! These things are bound to happen,” scolded my grandmother.

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Periods Have No Smell – What Menstrual Cups Made Me Realise

Periods have no smell! This is what I discovered when I started using menstrual cups, and here's the story of how I got to it. 

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Don’t Judge Me For My Choices

A poem about self discovery, gratitude and about living life unapologetically. Read on!

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I Asked My Grade 5 Kids What Mom And Dad Do. Their Answers Will Startle You

Some straightforward answers from this teacher's 5th grade students told her what the young of India think of gender roles. An eye-opener.

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I Am My Own Anchor!

No one will support you or stand with you until you decide to do that for yourself. You are your own support system, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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wild side
When I Wouldn’t Let Them Tame My Wild Side

A woman can have a wild side that is quintessentially her, and showing that side of hers does not make her a man. We need to question such stereotypes.

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love my son
I Couldn’t Feel Love For My Son On The Day He Was Born. But Then, Something Extraordinary Happened

Yes! I love my son but I have earned this feeling. I couldn't feel this love on the day he was born, because I was consumed by my own pain & discomfort.

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