Payal Shetty

I have recently given up a corporate career to follow my dream of working in the food industry. I love connecting young children to the joys of cooking. My two little girls are my energy – parenting is indeed a gratifying experience. Other that scribbling my dreamy thoughts, I enjoy window-shopping, sunshine and travel.

Voice of Payal Shetty

8 Tips For Moving Home With Your Children To The US

Moving home is especially difficult with a young family. Here are 8 tips that can help in a seamless move to the US with kids in tow.

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8 Tips To Help Children Cope With Tragic News And Events

Children are exposed to very real violence, either in real life, as in the Peshawar attacks, or in news and images on media like the television. Here are 8 tips for parents to help their children deal with tragic news and events.

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