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I'm a proud ​wife and a warrior ​mom awaiting my certificate in "Advanced helicopter parenting". An avid coffee enthusiast. A physician in another life. My hobbies include reading and writing, then nitpicking what I write. I also love running, online shopping and micromanaging the kids’ bedtime routines. When I gets a break, I daydream about the zombie apocalypse and getting more sleep. Most of the time,I can be found laughing at my kids’ wacky sense of humor. I have this amazing, over achiever for a husband and together we've spawned Button (7 year career goofball) and Sunshine ( 3 year old queen). We live in California.

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Why The Severe Vomiting Early In My 2nd Pregnancy Was The Best Thing That Happened To Me!

I was a helicopter mom to my son who had autism. When I had complete bed rest due to severe vomiting in my 2nd pregnancy, I realised I was doing something wrong.

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