Pavi Raman

I'm a proud ​wife and a warrior ​mom awaiting my certificate in "Advanced helicopter parenting". An avid coffee enthusiast. A physician in another life. My hobbies include reading and writing, then nitpicking what I write. I also love running, online shopping and micromanaging the kids’ bedtime routines.When I gets a break, I daydream about the zombie apocalypse and getting more sleep. Most of the time,I can be found laughing at my kids’ wacky sense of humor. I have this amazing, over achiever for a husband and together we've spawned 2 kids. We live in California.

Voice of Pavi Raman

It’s Ok To Have A Good Cry & 9 Other Tips For Moms To Stay Sane During Social Isolation

There’s nothing normal about isolation, so let’s stop pretending and start embracing that this is a hard phase and it’s ok to be upset. Read through for some sanity

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Oh, Honey, I Won’t Smile To Please Your Broken Values!

"Your words and actions might hurt," says this warrior woman for all who are born and identify as women, "but I am complete in myself, and don't need to prove anything to anyone."

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Oh Amma, Let Me Cry… ‘Coz There’s Nowhere Else I Really Can…

Oh, Amma, let me cry, she says. Why is the baby girl crying? Why does she cry as a teenager? A young adult? A married woman? A young mom herself? An achiever to be reckoned with?

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learning Spanish from scratch
I’ve Been On A 366 Day Streak Of Learning Spanish After A Resolution Last Jan – What About You?

With a Spanish speaking house-help where she stays, this busy working mom made a resolution last January to learn Spanish starting from scratch. She takes us along on this journey.

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Oh Dear Young Woman From Hyderabad, Where Do I Even Begin With What I Feel?

A letter to the young doctor from Hyderabad who was raped and killed by 4 men, from Everywoman - it is what we all think and feel.

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And She Walked On, A Full Night Ahead Of Her

The woman pulled off her cloak. Reaching behind, she unclasped the dress and slipped it over her shoulder. A look of ecstasy came over the large man’s face.

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My Extraordinarily ‘Romantic’ Second Wedding Sans A Panditji

What happens if your wedding is a traditional, 'please all the elders' one, and does not enamour you with its lack of 'romance'? 

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Should THIS Be The Meaning Of ‘In Sickness And Health’?

I believe, somewhere along, evolution has armed all mothers with extra strength and reserve. I mean, the original cave woman couldn’t afford to take a sick day off.

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What Does A ‘Natural’ Assumption That A Doctor Or Engineer Is Male, Say About Us?

'Girls and boys are not the same' is something that much of society believes. But do they have the same chances? It depends completely on us, the parents.

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Was She Really Just A Housewife? Nah! Meet Her Biggest Fans

"Hey, I’m Maanya Parikh, Head girl, and Hotshot. Former Writer and Publisher. Now reduced to running errands, wiping down appliances and scrambling at 9 pm to ghost write essays for my 10-year-old twins."

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As A ‘Perfectionist’ Mom It Was Hard, But I Finally Learnt To Let It Go…

Motherhood does not come easy. Often our insecurities make us take up this role a tad more seriously than required. But, it is best at times to just let go. 

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What Do You Answer When Your Child Asks, “Do Mice Wear Shoes?”

And just like day follows night, the woman got one of the worst beatings of her young life. There had been no warning signs, this time - no anger, no yelling.

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Hope…At The Red Light

A hundred hopes, a million dreams. Trembled behind her lips, but shone in her face. He nodded as if in understanding, his exquisite eyes sad.

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When Love Meant A Nice Warm Cookie To Share

Red with exertion, he smiled at her with the kindest eyes she had ever seen. And she thought, maybe this new city wasn’t so bad after all.

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The Revenge Of The Dusky Queen

The crowd trickled out of the great hall, many amongst them perverts and deviants. They shuffled along, their mouths dry and their minds set. The queen’s wrath was a fearful thing.

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married love
That Little Thing Called Married Love – Do You Recognise It When It Comes Along?

Married love can be a thing all its own, and only those inside it will recognise it, really; and only the fortunate few have it in their lives.  So much of what we know about love, we learn from movies and books. Dashing dudes on motorcycles and sultry femmes in their pastel best. A formula for […]

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