Pavi Raman

I'm a proud ​wife and a warrior ​mom awaiting my certificate in "Advanced helicopter parenting". An avid coffee enthusiast. A physician in another life. My hobbies include reading and writing, then nitpicking what I write. I also love running, online shopping and micromanaging the kids’ bedtime routines.When I gets a break, I daydream about the zombie apocalypse and getting more sleep. Most of the time,I can be found laughing at my kids’ wacky sense of humor. I have this amazing, over achiever for a husband and together we've spawned 2 kids. We live in California.

Voice of Pavi Raman

When Love Meant A Nice Warm Cookie To Share

Red with exertion, he smiled at her with the kindest eyes she had ever seen. And she thought, maybe this new city wasn’t so bad after all.

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The Revenge Of The Dusky Queen

The crowd trickled out of the great hall, many amongst them perverts and deviants. They shuffled along, their mouths dry and their minds set. The queen’s wrath was a fearful thing.

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married love
That Little Thing Called Married Love – Do You Recognise It When It Comes Along?

Married love can be a thing all its own, and only those inside it will recognise it, really; and only the fortunate few have it in their lives.  So much of what we know about love, we learn from movies and books. Dashing dudes on motorcycles and sultry femmes in their pastel best. A formula for […]

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