Pallavi Barnwal

Pallavi Barnwal is a proud single mother and a product of a small town upbringing with big dreams under her wings. She believes that the world she lives in is still patriarchal in majority of conventions and norms. She thinks in her own small way, she will able to make a dent towards women and child upliftment through the use of her pen.

Voice of Pallavi Barnwal

letter to a younger sister
To My Little Sister: Own Your Life, & Live It Queen Size On Your Own Terms!

A letter to a younger sister, that speaks about the need to understand what one wants to do in life, and not go by the script charted out by a patriarchal society.

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dignity of a woman
How Not To Pass Judgement On The Dignity Of A Woman: A Very Short Guide

The dignity of a woman is not a function of her relationships, virginity, or 'lack of morals'! After all, do we consider these things for men?

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The Vagina Monologues, Essential Conversations To Bring Female Sexuality Out Of The Closet

Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues is attempting to bring normalcy to conversations around female sexuality, and why it is a must watch for men and women alike.

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