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Pallavi Barnwal

A TEDx speaker, intimacy coach, sex educator, Pallavi Barnwal can go by varied titles but her work is geared towards one goal: creating a world where sexuality is accepted as a part of lives rather than something to resent/hide. She completed a sexuality education course from TARSHI in 2018 and has been working as a coach guiding people on their intimate journeys ever since. To bring this change, Barnwal started GetIntimacy, a platform featuring uninhibited talks of sexual, intimate pleasure. The site posts on all things sex, starting from menstruation, orgasm, and masturbation to relationship happiness, respect, consent, intimacy, and desire. On the whole, it gives a clear understanding of all psychological, physical, emotional, sexual changes one undergoes in different phases of their lives, relationships.

Voice of Pallavi Barnwal

sex is
As A Sex Educator This Is What I Feel Indians Need To Know About Sex

My story is the story of every woman out there. I wrote this book, Sex Is, for those in sexless or abusive marriages, loveless relationships, and suffering from the ill effects of lack of sex education. 

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letter to a younger sister
To My Little Sister: Own Your Life, & Live It Queen Size On Your Own Terms!

A letter to a younger sister, that speaks about the need to understand what one wants to do in life, and not go by the script charted out by a patriarchal society.

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dignity of a woman
How Not To Pass Judgement On The Dignity Of A Woman: A Very Short Guide

The dignity of a woman is not a function of her relationships, virginity, or 'lack of morals'! After all, do we consider these things for men?

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The Vagina Monologues, Essential Conversations To Bring Female Sexuality Out Of The Closet

Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues is attempting to bring normalcy to conversations around female sexuality, and why it is a must watch for men and women alike.

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